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How should I prepare my trip to Costa Rica?
Below we will provide examples that will guide you in each of the steps you must take to make your trip to Costa Rica a wonderful experience.
How should I prepare my suitcase?
For groups of 2 to 4 people, it is necessary to carry only one (1) suitcase in the hold. Buying a ticket that includes this option, the suitcase can be shared by everyone, in it they must carry their rods, reels, lines, lures, clothing and others. While in cabin suitcases or backpacks, you can carry delicate items or items for immediate use; cameras, computer, change of clothes, etc.
What to bring for my trip?
IMPORTANT: Personal hygiene items, sunscreen, insect repellent and others can be easily obtained at the destination, during our transfer from San José to the Lodge.
Short-sleeved, lightweight t-shirts (for daily use)
Long sleeve t-shirts, UV filter + quick drying
Long, lightweight, quick-drying pants
Lightweight, quick-drying shorts
Jockey and/or wide-brimmed hat
Lightweight waterproof windbreaker
Bandana with UV filter
Fishing gloves
Pair of shoes
pair of sandals
The following is a list of suggested clothing for the Costa Rica destination.
It is not necessary to bring everything on the list, and there is a laundry service at the lodge.
You can't forget:

Photographic and/or video camera
Polarized glasses
Headband flashlight
Personal medicines
Personal hygiene items
Insect repellent
What should I bring to fish in Costa Rica?
We will fish in saltwater and freshwater, our main target is tarpon. I imagine you are aware of how incredibly strong this fish can be, right? Well, the following list of suggestions will be differentiated for fly fishing and spinning, we will also include the elements that you should use in fresh water, for exotic species.
Tarpon Fishing - Fly Fishing

Rods: It is not uncommon to break a rod during a tarpon fight, so carrying 2 to 3 9ft rods between #12 and #14 is ideal, 9ft #9 and #10 rods can also work, as long as when working with special care (there we will explain how to work a tarpon with a low numbered rod)

Reels: 2 to 3 reels with large storage capacity and good braking power are essential, we have seen how a tarpon burst the brake of a reel during a race, so it is essential to pay close attention to this element.

Backing: It is essential to consider a large amount of backing, between 200 and 300m, with a minimum resistance of 75 lbs.

Lines: "Big Game" Saltwater lines, Ultra strong cores (70 lbs to 100 lbs), 2 intermediate and 2 full sink or 2 sink tip (7 to 9.7 ips) in a weight range suitable for your rod.
We recommend: SA Sonar Titan BWT Max Sink - SA Sonar Titan Big Water Taper - RIO Leviathan.

Leaders: It is important to remember that we will face really large tarpons, so the configuration of our leader is not standard, nor will it be the same as that used for example in the USA, Cuba, Venezuela or Mexico, we will use a leader designed for Costa Rica , which is composed of 2 different types of nylon: First, and connected loop to loop to our line: 1 to 1.5m of nylon with a resistance of 50lbs, attached to this, a 50cm nylon with a resistance of between 150 and 200lb, to which we will connect our fly. Only someone who has fished tarpon in Costa Rica could suggest a different leader alternative. Don't take unnecessary risks.

Flies: The patterns that have obtained the best results in Costa Rica are:
Black Death and its variant: Purple & Black - Tiger Double Bunny - CF Whistlers Red & Yellow - CF Whistlers Red & White.

Fish hook:   The most important element, the one that will be in contact with the tarpon, do not take risks, you can lose the tarpon of your life due to a bad hook, we only and only recommend 4 brands and models:
Owner Aki #6/0 - Gamakatsu SL12S #6/0 - Tiemco TMC 600SP #6/0 - Ahrex SA270 #6/0.
If someone will rig your flies, demand one of these 4 brands and models of hook, essential in #6/0.
You might think 6/0 is a lot, but in reality, nothing is too much for the tarpon you'll be facing.
I repeat; Don't take unnecessary risks.

Jungle fishing (freshwater) - Fly Fishing: For tarpon we will use the same elements mentioned, while for exotic species in the jungle, we will use our usual equipment for trout:
9ft #5 rods, float line, 0X to 3X leaders, 0X tippet or nylon of similar or slightly higher resistance, foam flies (Fat Albert type), poppers and streamers.
Tarpon Fishing - Spinning
You do not need to buy rods, reels or other spinning elements for tarpon, at the lodge we always have them available, upon request, for each of our passengers .

Jungle Fishing (Freshwater) - Spinning
You must bring your UL equipment for fishing exotic species in the jungle, similar to those used in trout fishing, hard and vinyl lures such as minnows, floating and sinking, jigs, spinners and/or spoons.
What will we do while we are not fishing?
Although the lodge is not luxurious, it has spacious and comfortable facilities. You can rest in your room or you can go to the main dining room/terrace to chat with other passengers, use your computer, share photos or communicate with your family.

Barra del Colorado is a small town that borders Nicaragua, the only way to access it is by river or air, it has a landing strip which is used mostly by planes that transport fishing passengers, this runway divides the town into two and is in the front patio of the lodge.
Barra is a quiet and safe town with very sociable and friendly people. You can explore the entire town, walking calmly, from the lodge to the beach.
The lodge has a bar, where it is possible to buy the drink of your choice: beers, waters, sodas and other strong liquors, for an average of US$2 per unit.
(It is somewhat complex to get cigarettes in Barra, if you need it, we recommend bringing it with you)

If you consume any type of liquor in particular (Wine, Pisco, Vodka, Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Tequila) we recommend buying at the duty free or supermarket, heading to the lodge.
Whatever you bring you can
consume freely in the bar or dining room, with no corkage charge.

For your peace of mind, we can get whatever you need during your stay at the lodge, absolutely everything that a country like Costa Rica offers, it will take 1 or 2 days to get it, but we will bring it for you!...
Whatever you want! You just have to talk to Persica's agent and that's it.

As a better alternative, our suggestion is to enjoy your moments in the pool
costa rica, tarpon fishing,
Should I think about anything else for my trip?
Below we will put a list of additional ones as a suggestion, you have probably already considered it, but it never hurts to remember it.
Printed documents
It is advisable to carry a folder with all the (printed) documents that you will present, both at the airline and at immigration, sometimes it happens that our cell phone runs out of battery, or we simply cannot find the file, so this is a safe alternative to avoid mishaps.
Dollars in cash and/or card
In Costa Rica colones and dollars are used, most of your purchases can be made in dollars. We suggest carrying a little cash, intended to change into colones (when arriving in San José) 100 dollars is enough for basic purchases. Panama duty free will probably excite you with gifts for the family, so cash or a credit/debit card is necessary. Between $500 and $1,000 allocated for this trip between cash and card is more than enough. For expenses external to the program.
Visit to San José
You will be in Costa Rica, if your time allows, take advantage of getting to know the capital of that beautiful country. Schedule your return flight one or two days after the end of our program and our transfer will take you to your previously selected hotel.
We recommend carrying out this procedure (hotel reservation in San José) before embarking on your trip to Costa Rica. If you prefer, we can suggest fantastic transfer options and hotels, previously used by our passengers and work team.
"Additional" external expenses
There are several expenses that you could consider as additional, e.g. in duty free, supermarket (repellent, sunscreen, snacks) or souvenirs and tropical juices at a roadside stand during the transfer, a night in San José, etc. Because of this we suggest changing some dollars to colones (100usd) and an additional 300usd, as cash backup.
IMPORTANT: Everything suggested above points to expenses that you could consider during the trip, without necessarily implying an obligation. As long as you wear what we suggest within our program; fishing tackle, appropriate clothing, protective elements (sunscreen, repellent) and personal hygiene items, you will not need to resort to additional expenses in that country. Our program includes round-trip transfer to the San José airport, full meals at the lodge (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with their respective drinks (coffee, tea, juices and/or water and/or soft drinks), accommodation and days of fishing that include a cooler per boat with drinks. The suggested amounts for "additional" external expenses refer only to the eventuality that you decide to make expenses as indicated; Additional.
Do you have any other questions?
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call or write to your nearest agent.
We will be happy to clarify each of your queries.
Likewise, any new questions that may arise will be incorporated into this page, in this way our community of friends and passengers will help each other.

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